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How much does honey help us?

Honey is especially revered for its content of vitamins (C, B1, B2 and B3) and enzymes. The basis of honey consists of sugars, especially the so-called simple ones. It is also a source of protein, the content of which is developed
from a particular type of honey. We also find substances like royal jelly, amino acids, pollen, and essential oils. You can also miss the delicious flavor and the delicious scent of honey.

Honey knew our ancestors too

Honey is not only a popular remedy for our grandmothers, but its popularity has begun much earlier. For old Greeks, honey was a recipe for longevity, and Queen Cleopatra added it to the bath. The use of bee products for different healing purposes is also devoted to a special field, which is called apitherapy.
Positive effects of honey
Helping hematopoiesis: Since honey has a large iron content, it is suitable for people suffering from anemia.
Treatment of burns, frostbite, bed sores and other skin injuries: Honey is enough to apply in the thin layer
on the skin and allowed to act, it can also be used in the form of tiles
and wraps, massages.
Energy supplier: Honey is considered a natural "lifebuilder", sometimes perceived
also as an aphrodisiac.
Natural antibiotic: Honey has the ability to kill bacteria, leading to its earlier use instead of pharmacologically prepared antibiotics. Known recipes
from honey in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The bactericidal effect of honey does not only depend on the high sugar content, but it is caused by a special part of honey, which we rank in the group of inhibins. They are substances that by their effect reduce the life of bacteria or completely destroy them.
Increased immunity: Honey is effective in preventing colds, angina, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract, rhinitis, etc.



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